Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Updated review:

Since writing this review, I have discovered that removing all the sites in the 'Manage Setting' dialog fixed all problems. Now it works as before. The Site Wizard is still just as hard to use as ever but fortunately the add-on usually discovers rules on its own.

One more note. I copied my default profile to a new profile and that again broke this add-on. I could not remove the sites from the manager so I uninstalled/reinstalled the add-on. I had difficulty uninstalling it though. When I reinstalled it, the sites were still there and I could not remove them. So I deleted autopager@mozilla.org.xpi from the extensions directory and the autopager directory from the profile directory and reinstalled and now everything is fine. There really should be a way to uninstall everything directly from the add-on.

Previous review (2 stars):

Nice WHEN it works automatically, about maybe 5-10% of sites, BUT if you have to use the Site Wizard to discover rules, forget it. You have to be the author to understand how to use it. I just spent over an hour on a site that had a Next button. There were about 10 different choices in the wizard and I had to try each one before I guessed the right one. After finally getting it to work, I clicked another link on the site and it no longer worked. After using the wizard and failing, now it doesn't work on the original page. So the wizard is all but impossible to use and it only works on one particular page, not the entire site. Ridiculous. When I switched to Lite mode, it opened 10 new identical tabs that had useless information about Lite mode. I don't have the time to fuss with such a complicated add-on. Please simplify the 'discovery' process.