Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Just want to add my voice to what others have said... This is a first rate add-on! It works as advertised, and does it quickly and simply.

I would like to verify what one other reviewer mentioned, that is that the "Clipboard Contents" menu of the context menu isn't working properly. It will display a clipboard stack, but you are unable to copy items from it. This is a minor issue that doesn't at all detract from the usefulness of the add-on.

I have a SINGLE suggestion/complaint... As this is not from the same author, nor does it work exactly the same as, the original Auto Copy, I suggest that you change the icon for the add-on. It made me think that this was a direct follow-on from the original version. (Not to mention the fact that the original icon was weird and confusing! After many years, I'm still unable to figure out what it's suppose to be. :-) )

Finally, to add to what another reviewer mentioned, the add-on doesn't *always* work with bulleted text. I say "always" because, in fact, it DOES sometimes work! (I'll email this.) Again, something that will no doubt be fixed soon.

Thanks so much for this great addition!

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (