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Thank you for continuing this much useful Thundebird Extension!

But... after i run and attachments have been saved on disk, i observe that they were not deleted from the e-mails, whose size remains big (e.g. 15MB)! Is this a bug? So sorry i cannot give a good ranking yet, but will change it once this is solved.

Why "AttachmentExtractor Continued" does not appear in the official Mozilla Thundebird add-ons site? It is a pity as i nearly missed it.

As i just commented in the original extension page, it would be very useful that the addon can compute for each file a #hash number# token. That way files with the same name can automatically be linked to the same file on disk if they have exactly the same content, but to different files on disk if they are dissimilar. Indeed it is very often that because of repetitivie forward, or re-sending the same documents to different people, a same documents appears in multiples (easily tens of) e-mails.

A #year# token would be useful also...



thanks for the reply, i don't know where can i further reply so i edit the comment. My direct contact if needed is thomas.deneux@cnrs.fr.

When i use ThunderBird native functionality, i.e. right-click on an attachment of several MB and press 'Detach...' in the context menu, then the size displayed in TB drops to around 20K, and after compacting the size of the mailbox on disk has decreased by the given number of MB.

When on the contrary i use 'AE extract' in the context menu, neither does the size display change, neither the mailbox size on disk even after compacting.

I have tried the option "after extraction, remove the attachment from message", which indeed removes the attachment and reduces the size, but in this case there is not even a link, i.e. the attachments are marked deleted instead of showing a link that i can still click to open the extracted file (as is the case with the native 'Detach...' button).

So i suspect there is a bug, maybe particular to my configuration (TB 68.1.0 (64 bits)). Note that the original AttachmentExtractor was working fine when i used it on a previous TB version.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (2.0.2). 

The size on disc remains (or grows up a bit) when doing the deletion process, when using the classic mbox format for mail storrage. After compacting the folders the size on disc should become smaller. This is absolutely normal and expected from a technical point of view.

AEC does not appear in the listing of ATN because of the still missing (more than 9 month now!) approval from an advanced Thunderbird/Add-on reviewer. There are about 24 (completely new) Add-ons in the review waiting line. This is a pity, but not my fault.


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"Detach" does not delete the attachments, when the necessary option is not set to "Delete" the attachments. So "Detach" alone doesn't reduce the messages size. This is absolutely correct behaviour.

Thunderbird 68 provides (as a new feature) a link to deleted attachments in its standard functions. At the moment this is not possible by using the add-ons features. To get this working, some small code changes would be necessary in Thunderbird itself: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1578801