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Could you please modify the plugin so that the UNSUBSCRIBE button is to the left of the REPLY button, instead of to the right? When I want to delete multiple emails in a row, I can no longer keep clicking on the DELETE button because the UNSUBSCRIBE button sometimes appears and moves the other buttons to the left. Thanks.

Edit: adding an option to disable the button instead of removing it would be great, thanks!

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Thanks for your response. Thunderbird places this button automatically and we have no possibility to adjust this behavior. We might always display the button, but disable it in case unsubscribe makes no sense. Would that be more convenient?

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It is now showing on Add-ons as available, thanks. I just did an unsubscribe and it worked as it should.
I will monitor success, as I just tried it on a website which consistently spams, and is a legit company, and will see if they take us off their mailing list

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