Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Just Love the "Phoenity Icons" addon.

I am still using V68, but had delayed for a long time on V60.9.1 due to the "unfriendliness" of the GUI on the updates due to the disabling of most theme related addons.

I just adored the old classic tailorable feel of the classic FF and TB. Albeit, I felt the need to move on from FF (after 15-years) due to it's radically (for me) changes.

The "Phoenity Icons" addon is just about the only addon that I can find that brings back some of the "warm" GUI feel of the "Good-Old-Days" (15+ year period).

There is a somewhat of a compatibility issue with the "Colored Folders" addon and "Phoenity Icons" addons.

In my case, on my Desktop (WIN-10 , V2004) the "Colored Folders" presently does not work at all when Phoenity is enabled. What is strange, is that they had both been working together (with some Colored Folders limitations) for 1 or 2 days. This may have been just before the upgrade to V2004 of WIN-10, but I can not be sure at this point.

Where on my Laptop (WIN-10 , V1903 and holding-pattern), they both usually work together (with some Colored Folders limitations).

I had initially corresponded with the Phoenity developer who was very responsive and tried to help, but was also feeling the frustrations of this new Mozilla Addon world

Anyway, for me, I can comfortably use "Phoenity-icons" w/o any functionality of "Colored-Folders".

From the little info that I have read so far, I will probably NOT upgrade to the V78 world anytime soon (if ever), but that is definitely another "story".

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (3.0b1).