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Hi, what i'd like is that when i select any message in any folder & move from a folder to another then return to the previous folder, the last seletected message remains selected... like in any decent normal email client & even microsoft ones.. "only" selecting the last one is losing the focus of the message i was looking at previously..

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not installing saying "not compatible with TB 38". Please release an update.
:-( Madazilla rightly said below that this should be default behavior of TB. Thanks.

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Should be the default behaviour in TB.
Not sure whether it still works in TB 24.

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Great, great, simply great. Should be the default behaviour in TB.

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This is great! I don't know why this feature isn't a standard option in T'bird.

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Thanks for the update (v1.1).
Just tested it and I can confirm that it fixes the mailnews.remember_selected_message issue.

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