Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Contacts Sidebar will quickly become an indispensable Add-on, placing Address Book access and features in a sidebar on TB's main window. I configured mine to display contacts, along with their mobile, home & biz phone numbers in columns. You can adjust the spacing between columns to make the sidebar compact. Double clicking on a contact will open a new Message Window, adding another means, and making it that much more convenient to write new email to your contact.

Unfortunately, this Add-on has not been updated on this page for some time, and for some unknown reason. The Add-on is alive and well on the authors web page in the form of "Pre-releases".

<a style="color:#006620; background-color:#fff9ab" class="linkification-ext" href="http://extensions.sanjer.nl/index.php?page=tb_cs_prerelease" title="Linkification: http://extensions.sanjer.nl/index.php?page=tb_cs_prerelease">http://extensions.sanjer.nl/index.php?page=tb_cs_prerelease</a>

I would certainly encourage the author to place an update here on the official Add-on page.

Be a little patient for Jeroen to catch up on major TB version updates, it's well worth it!