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I user came into my office (I'm the IT manager) complaining that her email with attached photos was to big to send--again--it's a common problem. I said, "So you really want to have a photo size option pop up when you send, just like on your iPhone?" "Exactly." "Give me a couple minutes."

Figuring that there might be a Thunderbird add-on for the purpose, I picked this (top result for my search), installed it, and tried it with all the default option settings. Just what we needed!

I installed it on one user's desktop to test for a starters, but I can imagine deploying it to all as part of our standard set-up.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (0.15.2). 

Please could contact me at autoresizeimage@gmail.com.
I dont get the version issue report: ARI is compatible with TB v59... (tested by myself). So what is the actual problem?

EDIT: Just a warning, but compatibility with TB v59 is OK.