Appearance and Customization


Addon Compatibility Check for TB 91

Checks all installed add-ons for compatibility with Thunderbird 91 (next ESR) and displays status information on a button in the main toolbar. This button will open a detailed overview, including links to alternatives for abandoned add-ons.

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Added July 5, 2021


Resize Thunderbird window width.
Set window with three widths (1/1 (1920px), 1/2 (960px), 1/3 (640px)).

July 3rd 2021.

I love God.


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Added July 3, 2021

HERA - Hotel Email Reservation Assistant

HERA helps hotels to semi or fully automatically respond to emails by checking rates in your PMS / CRS

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Added June 29, 2021


* List addons: max version on ATN, version installed, compatibility with TB 91, description
* Show addon compatibility on addon button
* Print, copy to clipboard or email
* Indicate missing addons upon receiving the email from another TB ('sync')

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Added June 27, 2021

HERA - Test Demo

HERA helps hotels to semi or fully automatically respond to emails by checking rates in your PMS / CRS

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Added June 20, 2021

Toggle Address Box

Adds a Address Box button, toggles the Address Box in the Composer window

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Added May 17, 2021

Glodaquilla-NG: Email onDisk Status, Search/Index

Global Search/Indexing Enhancements/ On Disk Status for IMAP
Permits selective enabling and disabling of search indexing on folders or accounts - with inheritence. Extra columns can show whether a mail is stored on disk and its indexing status.

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Added May 9, 2021

Link in Tab

Link in Tab allows you to:
- Left click => open link in new tab
- Left double-click => open link in browser
- Middle click => open link in browser and close current tab

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Added May 2, 2021


Notes with rainbow colors.
7 notepads are utilized as several memos if needed.
Or, these 7 notepads are used by days of the week.

April 14th 2021.

Sungho Hwang.

I love God.

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Added April 13, 2021


[Notification] : : As of June 21st 2021, automated browserAction popup was fixed.

Confirm conversions of e-mail to event and task at selecting thread tree children.

Glory be to God!

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Added March 30, 2021

Signature sync for Gmail

This extension allows you to automatically use your signature from Gmail accounts in Thunderbird. No longer need to maintain two separated signatures!

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Added March 6, 2021


Quickly switch between your themes or back to the default.

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Added March 2, 2021


Once you close Thunderbird you will no longer be able to see your new emails. This plugin keeps Thunderbird active in the background, meaning you can still receive your new emails after closing the app. Use this when the app is in the startup.

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Added Feb. 22, 2021

Get All Mail Button for TB78++

Adds a toolbar button to get all new messages for all accounts in Thunderbird. When clicked, it does the same as the default button "Get Messages" dropdown menu entry "Get All New Messages".

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Added Feb. 22, 2021


Timetable is displayed in browserAction popup.

[Corrected HTML frame in March 21st 2021]

Display just previous schedule.
Update current time schedule.
Good to update future schedule too.

I thank God through Jesus Christ.

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Added Jan. 23, 2021

Dark Reader

Dark mode for every email. Take care of your eyes, use dark theme for night and daily messaging.

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Added Jan. 21, 2021

Attachment Image Viewer/Slideshow

Viewing images in attachments as full size or thumbnail.

* Show slideshow of attached images
* Zoom image
* Drag zoomed image to choose the displayed region
* Rotate image
* Flip image
* Download dialog: shows a thumbnail of the image

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Added Jan. 13, 2021


TaskviewLayout has two versions.
One is this TaskviewGridLayout and
another is the existing TaskviewFlexLayout.

TaksviewGridLayout works in Thunderbird version 78.0 ~ 89.0a1.

Praise Stephen Kim Sou-hwan.

April 20th 2021.

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Added Jan. 12, 2021

Hide Local Folders for TB78++

Removes the 'Local Folders' entry from the folder pane.
(The folder itself will stay existent.)
(Based on the original work of Alex Cabal.)

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Added Jan. 4, 2021

Toggle Summary

Adds a Toggle Summary button

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Added Dec. 28, 2020