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"If you want Thunderbird to minimize to the tray, you need an independent application to move it to the tray whenever it is minimized. "

It would be nice if I could choose to hide window instead of minimizing. This behaviour would be more natural when using tray application.
BTW I use Firebird, the only tray application survided 60+ upgrade.


sorry i've mistaken "Birdtray" is the name of the app.

what I am asking is the behaviour on close or alt+f4. this is controlled from inside of the thunderbird, not externall tray app. Birdtray allows to hide and unhide, but it cannot controll behaviour of controll issued from inside of thunderbird.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on ( 

Any reasonable tray application should have an option to hide the window in the regular task bar while it is kept in the tray. I wasn't able to find a tray application named "Firebird", though – so I have no idea how to do that with your tool. Note that you do *not* need a tray application designed for Thunderbird – any application that permits to move minimized windows into the tray should work.

Upcoming versions of Thunderbird will also natively support minimizing to the tray (Windows-only for now) – if you enable the option in the settings, the add-on will thus natively move Thunderbird to the tray.