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The "Cheetah" which is actually a Leopard would look better if it were place more toward the center as the focal point it is suppose to be rather than in the corner where it might be easily missed and somewhat cut off. The roses are stars are a nice touch at the bottom as a border but they are somewhat cut off, but that may be due to how narrowness my browser header. One other suggestion I'd like to make is that it would look better if you used an actual Cheetah rather than a Leopard or Jaguar since your Theme's name/title is based on what is suppose to be the focal point of the theme. I would also change the font color to either an electric blue or a Silver/Grey or Light Purple in the same tone/shade as is in the Theme itself. Otherwise, the Theme is a gorgeous design even with those minor issues. :-)

I am sorry I mislabeled the animal I didn't know it was a leopard. I will take your advice and change the name. As for the design I'm using a multi row toolbar so that I can have a lot of rows for my bookmarks. That is why almost all my themes the main focal point is placed in the corner. So that it can work with my toolbar. I'm sorry if the placing seems a little oddly placed however if I don't place it like that I cannot see the roses nor the leopard and etc. Thank you very much for taking time out to try to help me. I really appreciate it I definitely will change the title as I thought it was a cheetah but it turns out it's a leopard. Have a nice day.