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I have noticed it works perfectly with Omnibar addon! Really useful by the way, it's pretty handy to have keyboard shortcuts to change the search engine on the fly as you say.

thanks, I will take into account omnibar since it seems to be widely used.

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Why make an addon for something that is built into the browser? Every addon uses memory and too many will slow down your browser.I hide the search box in the customization panel.I right-click on search boxes and click Add keyword for this search. For Ebay I use eb for the keyword.Then in the URL bar I type eb, leave a space, then the search words.I can change search engines really fast this way. And when I backup my bookmarks I'm also backing up my search engines.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.0.1-signed.1-signed). 

First, I consider that giving me one star is somewhat rude: you could be a little nice with developers. After all I put some working hours on this. An since it's a concept I wanna give a try, It's an *experimental* addon too. If I want to test if this idea -or other idea- is useful, making an addon is the fastest and simpler way to do it.

Second, this addon is pretty simple: Firefox will load it on startup but it only consumes some memory and cpu when you use the shortcuts to switch the search engine, but it is not processing stuff or constantly doing anything.

Third, the main purpose of this addon is switching the currently selected search engine *using shortcuts*: that's not builtin on Firefox!. So far Firefox only allows you to change it using your mouse, but if you are a keyboard-heavy user like me you won't like it. Also, as you mention, you could use keywords like "eb something" that will search "something" in ebay, but yo **do have to configure that keywords!** and not every Firefox user knows that nor wants to use it!

Fourth, I will extend this addon to make things that will make you easy to switch the search engine you're using with no extra typing more than pressing a shortcut.