Mouse Gestures Suite Version History

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Version 2.5.1 262.6 KiB Works with Firefox 25.0 - 56.*, SeaMonkey 2.22 - 2.53.*

* fix: gestures customization in options stopped working in Firefox 56
* fix: gestures for opening favourite bookmarks stopped working in Firefox 53

Version 2.5.0 262.3 KiB Works with Firefox 25.0 - 56.*, SeaMonkey 2.22 - 2.45.*

* option to change gesture timeout
* fix for mouse wheel not detected in Firefox 48
* fix for wheel history popups not showing and causing errors in Firefox 48
* fix for some actions no longer working in Firefox 48: Fast Forward, Back to Last/First Page of Previous/Current Domain and Forward to First/Last Page of Next/Current Domain
* fix for multi-process Firefox: detach to new tab didn't work
* fix (regression in 2.4.0): some actions using history didn't work in SeaMonkey
* re-organize General Preferences options for better space utilization

Version 2.4.0 261.3 KiB Works with Firefox 25.0 - 50.*, SeaMonkey 2.22 - 2.45.*

* fix for Firefox 47 (which got rid of and saving settings did not work)
* get rid of newChannel depreciation warnings in Fx 48 and later
* option to disable status info about currently drawn gesture
* fix: opening link in new tab didn't work in SeaMonkey 2.44 and higher
* do not pack files in jar (suggested by AMO reviewer)

Version 2.3.1 160.2 KiB Works with Firefox 25.0 - 46.*, SeaMonkey 2.22 - 2.41.*

* update actions "View Page/Frame Source" to work in newer e10s browsers
* action "Open Image in New Tab/Window" now will open in background if Shift is pressed

Version 2.3.0 160.1 KiB Works with Firefox 25.0 - 41.*, SeaMonkey 2.22 - 2.38

* finally resolved auto scroll speed stability + e10s Firefox no longer displays alerts about Mouse Gestures Suite running slow (moved auto scroll code to frame script)
* increased auto scroll speed on larger distances from initial click position
* improve smoothness of auto scroll with speed setting of 2x or higher
* actions "Duplicate Tab" and "Duplicate Window" now duplicate also tab history and scroll position
* action "Duplicate Tab": properly handle gestures started on tabs
* changed default gesture sensitivity from 14 to 10 px
* fix: actions "Save Page As" and "Duplicate Window" didn't work in Page Source window

Version 2.2.0 159.9 KiB Works with Firefox 25.0 - 41.*, SeaMonkey 2.22 - 2.38

* new option for Mouse Gestures auto scroll: "keep scrolling after releasing middle button" (enables old Opera-style auto scroll, whereby it's possible to auto-scroll with middle button pressed down and keep scrolling after the button is released)
* new option for adjusting auto scroll speed (now it's possible to set very slow scrolling speed for reading)
* improve stability of auto scroll speed
* removed old and unused code for auto scroll

Version 2.1.5 161.1 KiB Works with Firefox 25.0 - 41.*, SeaMonkey 2.22 - 2.37

* fix [regression from 2.0.0]: context menu on bookmarks toolbar and bookmarks menu did not work after any clicks within a page
* fix: opening new windows and tabs didn't work when gesture started on certain sidebar elements other than bookmarks or history items
* minor adjustments to auto scroll

Version 2.1.4 161.2 KiB Works with Firefox 25.0 - 41.*, SeaMonkey 2.22 - 2.37

Version 2.1.3:
[*] make auto scroll slightly smoother
[*] fix: auto scroll with middle button pressed down didn't finish if middle button was released sooner than 1 second
[*] set default auto scroll rate to "Faster"
[*] fix [SeaMonkey]: sometimes action to detach tab to new window didn't work

Version 2.1.4:
[*] fix uneven auto scroll speed

Version 2.1.2 161.0 KiB Works with Firefox 25.0 - 41.*, SeaMonkey 2.22 - 2.37

* fix [Firefox]: right click on tabs was broken after moving tab by drag&drop

Version 2.1.1 160.0 KiB Works with Firefox 25.0 - 41.*, SeaMonkey 2.22 - 2.37

fix: movement sensitivity min. value option should be 3 (not 2)

Version 160.2 KiB Works with Firefox 25.0 - 41.*, SeaMonkey 2.22 - 2.37

Changes in 2.1.0 relative to 2.0.1:
[*] added option to change movement sensitivity for mouse gestures (in pixels)
[*] new parameter passed to native scripts: upEvent (=mouseup event)
[*] fix: always disable native autoscroll when middle button gestures are enabled
[*] fix: some changes were not applied in open windows after editing custom functions
[*] fix: custom scripts in native scope were always executed without checking defined window types
[*] fix: js error when scroll wheel gesture was set to custom function

Version 159.2 KiB Works with Firefox 25.0 - 40.*, SeaMonkey 2.22 - 2.37

Changes in 2.0.0 relative to 1.7.0:

[*] Main Feature: Ability to define custom functions for gestures: running commands from the main menu (File, Edit, etc.) or executing custom scripts to control either the browser or the web page (choice of script scope).

[*] Action "Duplicate Tab" now respects the (default) browser setting browser.tabs.insertRelatedAfterCurrent so that duplicated tab will appear next to the current one (instead of at the end).

[*] New option in Adv. Prefs #1: Open new blank tab next to current one. With this setting new blank tabs opened with mouse gestures will be placed next to the current tab and not at the end.

[*] Showing tab list popup for switching tabs with scroll wheel (introduced in 1.7.0) is now optional.

[*] Changed highlight colour in list popups for scroll wheel tab switching and history navigation - because this highlight was barely visible on win7 systems.

[*] Scroll wheel popup highlights distinction: the tab switching selected menu item has blue highlight while history navigation has dark grey highlight (so you can better see in which menu you are).

[*] Enable gestures in browser's sidebar and allow gestures to open links (in new tab or window) from sidebar's bookmarks and history.

[*] (SeaMonkey) Enable "Show/Hide Sidebar" action in mail compose window.

[*] (SeaMonkey) Mail window: enable gestures also on collapsible email headers area (not only on email content area).

[*] (SeaMonkey) Mail compose: enable gestures also in sidebar.

[*] (SeaMonkey) Links from mail now open next to current tab in browser (respecting browser.tabs.insertRelatedAfterCurrent) instead of at the end.

[*] (SeaMonkey) Some actions opening new tabs (like open link, duplicate tab) didn't preserve relations to the original tab so that closing them didn't switch to the original tab. Now user is switched back to original tab after closing.

[*] Preserve scroll position of gesture definitions list in options (for current session).

[*] Fix: Prevent unwanted text selections when performing rocker gestures that switch tabs.

[*] Fix: searching for selection and opening URL in selection stopped working in Firefox Nightly.

Changes in 2.0.1:
[*] fix: pressing OK in Gesture Properties dialog window caused js error for built-in functions and failed to close the window

Version 145.7 KiB Works with Firefox 25.0 - 40.0a2, SeaMonkey 2.22 - 2.36.*

Changes in 1.7.0 relative to 1.6.3:

* compatibility with multi-process Firefox (e10s), minimum version of Firefox is 25 (so no compatibility with Pale Moon - use 1.6.3 in Pale Moon), minimum version of SeaMonkey is 2.22.
* new action: Save Image (without prompt)
* "Open New Tab" and "Open Blank Tab" - when gesture initiated on tab then open new tab to the left or right depending on which half of the tab the gesture was started in
* Scroll Wheel Navigation -> Navigate through Tabs: now there is a popup lisitng all open tabs so as to make it easy to swich. Previosly visited tab is marked as underlined. If you don't want the popup then in options set Scroll Wheel Navigation to Perform Gesture Actions and in Gesture Customization tab assign scroll wheel gestures (at the bottom) to Next Tab and Previous Tab functions.
* pass referrer for links opened in new windows
* respect rel="noreferrer" when opening links in new tabs and windows
* "Open New Tab" action - don't open links under gesture if gesture initiated on tab
* kill gesture if mousemove occurs with no buttons pressed - helps get rid of undesirable gesture drawing in certain rare circumstances when no mouse buttons are pressed any longer
* fix: autoscroll with arrow keys didn't work on pages which steal key presses to control scrolling like
* fix: gesture wasn't identified as started on tab when it was started on tab's X close button
* fix: make gesture trails correct in print preview (they were positioned far away from the mouse cursor)

Version 155.6 KiB Works with Firefox 22.0 - 39.*, SeaMonkey 2.19 - 2.35.*

* improve image resizing on responsive design web sites where images dimensions are in percentages: prevent losing of aspect ratio and return to original dynamic size on image reset size or on resizing back to original zoom level

* pref to enable crisp resizing of images (without smoothing)

* "Open Selection in new Tab" action: improved recognition of valid URL in selected text so that strings like "file.xpi', "file.html", etc. are not loaded as URLs but trigger search. URLs are now tested against a complete list of top level domain names plus some other improvements to reduce erroneous detections. Email addresses are no longer recognized and now trigger web search.

* fix: opening selection and searching for selection didn't work in SM when selected text was in an input field

* fix: gesture trails were invisible in full screen invoked by full screen API (e.g. html5 video)

* fix: action "Show/Hide Bookmarks Toolbar" had only temporary effect in SM (did not persist to new windows)

* fix: scroll actions should not be applied to iframes without scrollbars but to the containing document (this was problematic e.g. when trying to scroll with mouse cursor over google ads)

* fix: scroll actions could hang the browser (go to infinite loop) when started on a non-html element like svg

* fix: middle button auto scrolling controlled by arrow keys only worked on whole documents but didn't on other scrollable elements like textareas, layers with scrollbars, etc. (I don't know why this was deliberately disabled in the original code since it works fine.)

* site rule "Prioritize gestures" now more aggressive on Linux - it also suppresses contextmenu events on web pages because contextmenu event occurs on mousedown, which can interfere with gestures

* fix: site rules for disabling gestures should not disable middle button scrolling

* fix: sometimes the disable gesture rule got applied too late after saving options and in rare cases resulted in a gesture that couldn't be finished with mouseup

* some more code refactoring for compliance with Mozilla guidelines

* fix: tabs didn't respond to left mouse clicks when gestures were configured to work with left mouse button

* code refactoring:
- change chrome://allinonegest to chrome://mgsuite for better separation from All-in-One-Gestures
- get rid of contents.rdf files
- get rid of innerHTML in help.js

Version 1.4.3 142.0 KiB Works with SeaMonkey 2.19 - 2.31.*

* focus cursor in location bar after opening empty private window

* new action (actually resurrected from original AiO Gestures): "Return to Previous Selected Tab" (aka "Go to Last Focused Tab")

* removed opening images for actions to open new window or new private window because this was confusing since too many actions were performed under one gesture depending on context

* fix: gesture trails were still causing unpleasant delays on mouse right-clicks on large pages like - finally resolved the issue by drawing the trail outside viewable document. As a positive side effect the trails are also drawn on browser chrome elements outside the main document.

* trails are now drawn on canvas, which means:
1. Lines without so much jaggedness (esp. on zoom levels other than 100% and higher DPI settings in OS)
2. Better performance (no more creating separate DOM objects for each trail point)
3. Option to make trails nicely smooth (anti-aliased)

* fix minor issue with "Undo close tab" action not cooperating well with some other extensions (like Undo Closed Tabs Button) that rely on history of closed tabs

* allow larger trail size (max 12 instead of 8)

* fix: old addon ID prevented some minor clean-up on uninstallation

* fix: don't throw js errors when page is reloaded during gesture drawing

* changed default trail colour to nice green

* some code clean-up

new in 1.4.1:
* fix: mouse gestures became broken in ver. 1.4.0 on unstyled xml documents - this has been fixed, moreover gesture trails have been enabled in those document since the new drawing method outside main document allows for it without problems.

new in 1.4.2:
* fix: ver. 1.4.0 shouldn't have focused cursor in location bar when opening link in new private window

new in 1.4.3:
* fix: Canvas element for trails caused flash videos (e.g. on Youtube) to disappear in v. 1.4.0 when right mouse button was down. Now canvas is drawn only when trail needs to be drawn and in smooth mode it is dynamically resized to the rectangle defined by gesture trail thus not convering all page content. Smooth trails is on by default now.

Version 1.3.0 142.8 KiB Works with SeaMonkey 2.19 - 2.27.*

* new action: Show/Hide Sidebar/Folder Pane

* new action: "Double Stack 2 Windows" - takes the current window and previously focused window and places them side by side each covering half of the screen. Works for all kinds of windows (browser, source view, mail & mail compose).

* new action: "Detach next tab and double stack windows" - detaches next tab to new window and places both windows side by side each covering half of the screen. Useful if you have two pages open in tabs and want to view them side by side. The window with the current tab will be positioned on the left half of the screen whereas the new window with the page from the next tab (to the right) will be positioned on the right half of the screen. If the rightmost tab is active then this action will work for the current tab and for the one to the left.

* new action: Open Private Window (which can also act like Open Link in Private Window)

* changed action "Double stack in new window" - now when no link was found under performed gesture the new opened window will be blank (before this change the action was not performed at all)

* pressing Shift while performing gesture will reverse background opening of tab/window for the following actions:
- open new tab/window in foreground
- open new tab/window in background
- open private window
- duplicate tab/window
- open selection in new tab
- search for selection in new tab

* option to disable ClickHeat scripts, which cause gesture delays [see note 1 below]

* Scroll Wheel Navigation - a few more actions can now be performed in succession during single scroll wheel movement:
- scroll to top/bottom of page (makes sense if both are set as scroll wheel actions at the same time so you can scroll fast to top and bottom)
- close document/tab (if "Allow repetition..." pref is set)
- undo close tab (if "Allow repetition..." pref is set)

* improvement: view cookies action now shows also http-only cookies and presents host name for each cookie

* improvement: delete domain cookies action now deletes also http-only cookies and asks for confirmation first

* when in full screen mode "Maximize/Restore" action now exits full screen mode instead of doing nothing

* enabled trails in addon manager and on about:privatebrowsing page

* allow Scroll Wheel Navigation to work in messenger and page source windows when "Perform Gesture Actions" option is selected

* last selected tab in Options is now remembered

* changes to some default gesture definitions

* drastically improved trail drawing speed, especially on large documents like - there was a long delay after every right button mousedown and trail drawing would consume a lot of CPU and be very slow

* increase scroll amount for page up/down actions because there was a bit too much overlap

* fix: when multiple gestures were defined for the same action only one was visible in Options and others were discarded on subsequent option changes

* fix: "close tab/window" action didn't exit properly from print preview

* fix: console errors when opening options

* fix ordering of new actions in preferences

* some other minor fixes, code clean-up and corrections in help


[1] ClickHeat by Labsmedia (at ) is a javascript library for collecting mouse clicks on web pages and then presenting them on a clicks heatmap. The problem is that this particular library has an inherent flaw in that it locks up the browser for half a second after every mouse click by performing a CPU-intensive loop that really does nothing apart from waiting. This short browser lock-up is enough to interfere with mouse gesture detection since the extension can't really trace mouse movements during that time. By enabling this option ClickHeat will be disabled on the sites you visit. If ClickHeat has been detected and suppressed then after every mouse button press the status bar will show message ClickHeat disabled!. A side effect of this will be that your clicks will not be sent over to the site owner but you can actually treat it as an advantage! This option is disabled by default because it affects the behavior of web pages you visit and can potentially cause some other side effects (but that is very unlikely - ClickHeat is detected by the presence of catchClickHeat() javascript function on web pages). Turn it on for best mouse gesture experience.

Some sites that use ClickHeat:

* - a site to which many Wikipedia pages link in order to present geographic coordinates of locations, for example: params=55_45_N_37_35_E_type:city
* - the ClickHeat site

Unfortunately, there is no way for any mouse gesture extension to work around the problems caused by such bad-behaving scripts so the only practical solution is to simply block them (actually, this could theoretically be solved with a multi-threaded component for tracing mouse gestures but this is far beyond the scope of this extension).