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Great Extension!

Extract / Drag out install.rdf with WinZip / WinRAR from MinimizeToTray.xpi. Open install.rdf with Notepad. Ctrl+H to replace all <em:maxVersion>50.* with <em:maxVersion>52.*. Drag install.rdf into previous WinZip / WinRAR window. Then drag MinimizeToTray.xpi into Thunderbird Addon Manager. Done!

用 WinRAR 或 WinZip 打开下载下来的 MinimizeToTray.xpi 安装文件,拖拽 install.rdf 到电脑桌面或其他任意地方。用记事本打开 install.rdf 后用 Ctrl+H 替换所有 <em:maxVersion>50.* 为 <em:maxVersion>52.* 并保存。把 install.rdf 拖拽回之前的 WinRAR 或 WinZip 窗口。最后拖拽 xpi 文件到雷鸟的扩展管理器窗口安装即可。