Rated 3 out of 5 stars

Just started using this and I have two gripes with it. Is there an option for quick reply to quote the message I'm replying to or was this left out? Why is it not following my account settings to quote messages when replying?

If this is ever done and since this is supposed to emulate Gmail, the show/hide quoted text function would be nice.

Also when in the conversation panel (or whatever it's called) when I click or select a message it is highlighted with two lines a thicker grey one and a thin dotted line. The dotted line doesn't look too good.

I have to speed more time to really rate it. Anyhow I hope this add-on gets better.


This review is for a previous version of the add-on (2.0alpha1). 

The quoting for quick reply has been added after alpha1, it will be in the upcoming alpha2 release. In the meanwhile, you can use development builds at http://jonathan.xulforum.org/files/gcv-nightlies/ . The show/hide quoted text function exists, you should check out the screenshots. Only quoted text higher than 5 lines (by default) will be hidden, otherwise we consider it's not worth it.

We're aware of the dotted line issue, but we haven't found a simple way to fix it yet. Finally, concerning the account settings, we'll do that kind of polish later. It's an alpha release, we just want to get the basics working! :-)