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It *was* working fine in Pale Moon, but now it seems that someone at google/youtube is getting his jollies by toggling the break it/unbreak it button. Right now, it's not working. Hopefully it won't be *too* long before it starts working again.

I wish they'd stop with the @#$%#$% controlfreak nonsense.

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Youtube seems to have at least partly rolled something back.

Yesterday, I noticed that this add-on was once again working in Pale Moon.

It's still not fully working in Firefox, though. The visual interface is not displayed, but the auto-pause function seems to be working (if I leave a video by clicking on a different tab, the video will stop playing).

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Maybe an hour or so ago it stopped working in Firefox and Pale Moon! Youtube videos don't stop playing when the tab loses focus (this is the MOST valuable feature for me!) And, the various fields placed below the video panel no longer display!

A video that was already loaded will show the fields, but if I duplicate the tab, they are no longer present.

All I can figure is that the @$$%@% at Youtube changed something this morning to prevent this add-on from working, and I HOPE that you can quickly find a way to defeat whatever they've done!

Thank you for your review, sadly I have no more time to fix this addon at the moment. It's Youtube changing AND also Firefox changes too...