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Thanks for the nice plugin!

Please provide options for turning features on/off. I only use volume control, but often the videos jump forward / backward instead. I would like to be able to disable the FF/FB functionality.

Also, I would like the option for setting a default volume change step, without the need to use modifier keys.

It's also unclear what those aLev, vMin, vMid labels refer to. More descriptive names would be appreciated.

I'd be nice to have the option to remove the plugin's GUI from Youtube pages (move it to Firefox options / plugin icon), because I have a dark Youtube theme installed, and the grey rectangle under the videos looks out of place.

UPDATE. Thanks for the response. I'll have to edit your plugin's source code then, if you don't mind, because it is unusable to me in its current state.

Consider what will happen in the following scenarios:

A person

* listens to music on YT while reading news in other tabs.
* scrolls up in the YT tab after reading comments, but his mouse enters the video area.
* uses a custom YT theme, but now sees a grey-in-your-face rectangle in the middle of the page.

Will such people enjoy using the addon and, if not, how can it be fixed?

This review is for a previous version of the add-on ( 

Thank you Denzer.
aLev, vMin etc are well described in the instructions, instead in the page I keeped them short because when the page is resized the controls will remain in 2 lines.
aLev= audioLevel step, is just for what you want: you can set here the default step to increase/decrease the audio.
Anyway, in a future upgrade, I will add tooltips info at them.

The options can't be moved all, because it must be always there at least the button Full Wheel. Even AutoPlay/AutoPause are very useful to make fast change from a page to another, so they should remain there. Maybe I could change the background color.

For the audio/FF problem, if you want to be always sure, go around the topright corner, you can't be wrong: it will only change the audio, maybe it's only to get used to.

In version 1.6.6, I put a "x" button in the topright of the menu, to hidden/show the menu, as you asked for YT themes.