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Good description and a perfect ad. But would anybody willing to update it, so it works with TB10.0.2, please?
I tried to change the shortcut (ctrl+alt+), I saved the message to drafts and reopened, I even sent it. But no autocompletition appeared.

(I have no clue how to send a reply to this thread, so here it goes:)
Dear Marcel, tell me, please, what would have been an appropriate message in this case. Your homepage does not work (to find your email, or a forum), the help page link is broken as well, and there is zero-service for a user that sees no change or action upon trying the triggers described above. I am glad I caught your attention, I am glad we communicate, I am sorry I pissed you off, and I am willing to delete the thread -- just tell me how should I have acted differently, please. Z

yeah thanks for the rating, don't think i could be bothered fixing anything for you mate.