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Good idea. Needs more information on the page. Is notary contact anonymous? What is sent? How does it work? Explain it to those of us that aren't quite so technically proficient.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (4.4.1-signed). 

Hi Don, thanks for the note! You are right, we could use a clear explanation for this, I'm thinking some simple diagrams might be helpful as well. I will add a ticket to github so we don't forget.

Notaries currently do not track anything about requests sent to them, but of course a malicious notary could be running different code. The current message that is sent to notaries is simply the name of the site you wish to query. So for example if you wanted to ask the notary heimdal.herokuapp.com about the website addons.mozilla.org, you would visit the URL https://heimdal.herokuapp.com/?host=addons.mozilla.org . Visiting that address in a web browser will show you exactly what the notary sends back to the Perspectives browser extension.

Hope that helps. Feel free to contact us on the mailing list if you have more questions - https://groups.google.com/group/perspectives-dev or perspectives-dev@googlegroups.com


*Edit*: I have added a ticket on github here, if you wish to follow along - https://github.com/danwent/Perspectives/issues/106