Appearance and Customization


Folder Pane Toggler

Adds a toggle button to the unified toolbar to show and hide the folder pane. This is very useful when using different tabs with different folders open, and on smaller screens, or where as much space is needed as possible. This should be part of TB

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Added July 19, 2024

Two Dynamic Birds

An extension of the "Two Little Birds" and "Dracula" themes that includes a toggle button to turn on dark mode.

The position of the light/dark toggle button can be customised to avoid it covering the cute birds!

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64 users
Added June 13, 2024

Date Time Formatter

Shows relative date-time in the column.
Note: you need to click "Select columns to display" and then -> "Relative Date/Time"

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Added May 24, 2024

Custom Subject Column

Add a column to the message list that replaces the subject with a regular expression

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18 users
Added May 13, 2024

Threaded List Switch

Provides a shortcut to switch threaded message list on or off.

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48 users
Added May 11, 2024

Tag Sync for TB

Syncronise/transfer tags, to other TB installations.

POP and some IMAP servers don't store tags (keywords).
This addon helps to have the same emails tagged on all TB installations.
Uses a central database, can be installed on your PC or server.

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94 users
Added Feb. 23, 2024


A simple Thunderbird extension that adds keyboard shortcuts to quick-filter messages with the same sender, subject, or recipient as a selected message.

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51 users
Added Jan. 4, 2024


Simplifier la lecture de mails en supprimant l'écriture inclusive

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Added Dec. 20, 2023

Articles Toolbar

Adds the Articles toolbar

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Added Dec. 16, 2023

ThunderSuite - Customize your Quick Access Sidebar

This extension allows user editing of the spaces sidebar.
Create custom spaces from the extension options, to turn the new toolbar introduced with Supernova into your personal quick access toolbox.

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270 users
Added Dec. 6, 2023

Quick Spaces

Makes it possible to add custom addresses to the spaces toolbar

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37 users
Added Dec. 2, 2023

Open Google Tabs

Open up Google Calendar, Notes, and Microsoft Outlook in a new tab.

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Added Nov. 17, 2023

Mark Button

Toolbar button to mark a message as read or unread with 1 click.

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95 users
Added Nov. 15, 2023

YouTube RSS feed redesign

Adds YouTube thumbnails to RSS feed entries

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60 users
Added Nov. 7, 2023

Last selected message

The add-on remembers the last selected message in visited folders. After restarting Thunderbird, when we enter the previously visited folder, this message will be displayed, just like in Microsoft Outlook.

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144 users
Added Oct. 21, 2023

Group Favorite Folders

An extension for Thunderbird 115+ (Supernova) that groups and sorts favorites folders in the compact view.

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Added Oct. 16, 2023

Send Unsent Mail Button

Toolbar button to send unsent messages.

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215 users
Added Oct. 8, 2023

Change Link Appearance

Changes the appearance of links when displaying a message

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Added Sept. 5, 2023

Dark Plain Text

Use dark mode styling when reading plain text emails with a dark theme.

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Added Sept. 1, 2023

Dropbox Paper

How Does It Work?
Once you install the add-on, a new icon will appear in the Thunderbird toolbar. Simply click on the icon, and it will open the Dropbox Paper tab.

Will the Dropbox Paper Add-on Collect My Data?

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Added Aug. 12, 2023