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OpenSearch breaks switching between tabs using keyboard shortcuts (i.e. CTRL-PgUp and CTRL-PgDn)

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This is awful. Thunderbird needs to search Email. Browsers are for searching the web. Google needs to be OUT OF MY EMAIL!!!!!

How do I get rid of this?

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Nice add-on, but I do wish it were a bit easier to initiate a web search within TB - like: select, hit one shortcut key and it's immediately in Google (or Wikipedia, or whatever site you set in Preferences) The dropdown menu thing is a bit cumbersome.

Being able to use standard shortcut keys as work in Firefox - especially the bracket keys for forward and back would be sweet.

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Finally! I don't know how many times I've wished for this exact capability. I believe many people will find this useful once they start using it.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

First two commenters either didn't understood the purpose of this add-on, or they are stuck in the past ...
The tool is doing what it should, it helps simplify life, and deserves at least 4 (not because of issues, but just to leave a star for the "mother of all add-ons" that I hope to find some day :-] ) stars, if not 5

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It doesn't say so in the description, but this initiates a Google web search in a Thunderbird tab. (I think I saw a search engine dropdown but it disappeared after a split second.) Thunderbird isn't a web browser. If you want the kitchen sink, get Seamonkey.

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This plugin sends messages 'home'. Be careful.
Thunderbird already has a good search engine! How is this different?

The first part is correct. As I mention in the license, this add-on will send the provider you choose and the way you invoked the search function to a Mozilla Messaging server. We won't send the search terms, nor the page you get back. We do this so that we can tell how people are using the add-on, and which search providers people like.

This is different from Thunderbird's search because it lets you easily search the web for terms mentioned in your email, or typed into the search bar at the top.

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