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Like what it does for mail.
There are a lot of solid themes from MaDonna and they're all pretty good.

Thanks so much for the 5 stars, Al-101. Really appreciate the review.

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Thank you so much for the 5 stars. ♥

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fajny kolor

Happy you like it, NoRunaway!

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Если на 2 тона светлее - Dark Green Light? Как раз под мой стиль Windows7))) Это реально? Если сложно, я не против!! Я не могу редактировать Браузер(( Я понимаю, что уже Вам надоело. А если у кнопок цвет поменять? Могу делать тест. vladis77@bk.ru. Вы умеете? А то читаемости - у всех нету((

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The tool bars have a slight transparent tint to them and it changes the color. The theme itself is all dark green. there is nothing I can do regarding the toolbars coloring. Sorry.

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Love Dark Green color so much. Thanks for this theme, Mrs. MaDonna. The light-blue ones should be nice too, but I'll think I will try it later.

Thank you so much for taking the time to write a review. I appreciate it very much. ♥

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You do the best solid themes

Thanks. They are the easiest for me to make so I appreciate the 5 stars!

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very good theme, simple & clean. I change themes based on my "mood". sometimes I like a solid theme so as not to draw attention away from the "page" I'm on... I've noticed the name MaDonna in my searches over & again. Having read your history , you are an inspiration to those, like me, who are getting up there (I just retired) and looking at design with interest toward making my own mark...

Thanks, Ralph. And good luck on your retirement.