Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Super clean, simple, and intuitive, must have add on. Don't waste your time testing more complicated cluttered up wannabees, like I did. Put a little time into making every page you go to with any frequency at all as simple as pushin two buttons. One of few add-ons that seem to base it's functionality on simple logic over over complicating things with a mess of nonsensical clutter. Doesn't try to do too much, just does what it says seamlessly.
EDITT sorry read older reviews after mine. Please do not add all those superficial useless features some are complaining about. This program stands out above many others, that have way more features, because it is so simple yet complete. For reasons of length I won't go into detail, but need to say to those that mentioned actually useful functions you'd like to see. From what I saw almost every one of those things can be done. Read the tutorial, and don't over think it. Try the easy way first. . Definitely chppin into your x-mas (or holiday) fund. Thanks guys.

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