Privacy and Security


PGP Universal

Fixes encrypted e-mail attachment names from PGP Universal servers

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Added Sept. 22, 2022


SmartProxy is a smart automatic proxy switcher that will automatically enable/disable proxy for the sites you visit, based on customizable rules.

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Added Sept. 18, 2022

EagleCloud Extension

Works along with EagleCloud Information Security product to secure sensitive information based on company policy.

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Added Aug. 9, 2022

TUD-CERT Phishing Report

Adds a phishing report button to the toolbar to enable members of Technische Universität Dresden to report suspicious e-mails to TUD-CERT with just a few clicks. If desired, an optional comment can be entered upon each report.

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Added May 5, 2022


Modern encryption in Thunderbird

** Currently in testing phase **
What you can do:
1. Set your secret key in the addon's tab page and acus will automatically decrypt incoming emails
2. Generate a new key pair
3. Encrypt plain text

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Added April 11, 2022

Zivver for Thunderbird

This extension automatically detects Zivver messages and decrypts them on-the-fly using the Zivver API. Messages are decrypted only when actively displayed by the user and are never stored locally.

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Added April 4, 2022


MailExtension to get password from KeePassXC.

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Added March 24, 2022


AddOn for sending regimail with Thunderbird on Windows, MacOS and Linux.

In order to use this AddOn, you need to install the regify client on your system and configure it with a valid regify account.

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Added March 21, 2022

MetaClean for Thunderbird

Removes metadata and hidden data in email attachments preventing the leakage of confidential information that occurs in this type of communication and avoiding possible economic and reputational damages derived from the malicious use of metadata.

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Added Dec. 11, 2021


When you reply to a mail sent to your personalized address (postfix/qmail/gmail extensions) such as, "From:" is replaced by your personalized address rather than your simple address.

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Added Nov. 23, 2021

FileLink provider for Send

Securely encrypt and upload large attachments to any Send service instance (formerly Firefox Send).

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Added July 26, 2021

OpenPGP Alias Updater

Updates the local OpenPGP Alias file from a server to simplify encryption for mailing lists, or email aliases in an organizational environment.

Please make sure config parameter "mail.openpgp.alias_rules_file" is set to "openpgp_alias.json".

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Added May 19, 2021

SPAM Check for OCN

- SPAM Header Checker for OCN(Japanese Internet Provider)
- This plugin looks at the header of the mail and assigns a "junk mail" mark.
- Only if the header (X-CON-SPAM-CHECK) of the mail is set to 100%, it will be marked as "spam".

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Added March 7, 2021

Just Report It

Just Report It ( is an email plugin which tackles spam the right way. Report emails straight to SpamCop, the Registrar, a custom email address or any combination in between!

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Added Dec. 17, 2020

Safelink removal

Replace URLs which have been rewritten by Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection with the original URL.

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Added Oct. 6, 2020

ProtonMail Encryption Status

When using ProtonMail Bridge to integrate Mozilla Thunderbird withProtonMail, it's not easy to tell which emails were end-to-end (E2E) encrypted. This add-on puts an icon in the toolbar above every message to show you its encryption status.

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Added Oct. 6, 2020


Quick & easy PGP encryption / decryption tool
* Save & use many public encryption keys to encrypt mail content
* Save & use many private decryption keys to decrypt mail content

Using openPGP.js

Open Source

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Added July 7, 2020


Diese Erweiterung überprüft ungelesene E-Mails auf Spoofingversuche. Die E-Mails werden mithilfe von fünf unterschiedlichen Tests untersucht um deren Legitimität festzustellen. Die Tests werden einzeln erklärt auf der Einstellungsseite.

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Added May 14, 2020

Disable Signature Requires Restart

Allows to disable the S/MIME signature of messages. Afterwards, these messages are no longer recognized as signed and their attachments can be deleted or detached.

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Added Jan. 23, 2020

Un-Safelinks Requires Restart

Replace URLs which have been rewritten by Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection with the original URL.

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Added Oct. 23, 2019