WorldIP - Geo Add-on with Security Features

Privacy Policy

WorldIP add-on is created to protect the user. We respect your privacy! and do not sell or pass your personal information to third parties.

1) Cookies
WorldIP add-on does not send any cookies to any web server.

2) Geolocation and Datacenter Databases
To display up-to-date information about physical location of a web server and data center, the WorldIP add-on uses API, it sends the requested IP addresses to The format of API-request is IP-addr?hostname. To prevent the use of API from the name of add-on, we check that IP and hostname accord with each other.
Any other information about the site or user will not be sent to WIPmania, except for its domain name, that says about its IP address. IP addresses will be also used to correct the database. WIPmania do not collect any personal information about visitors.
Requests to the remote database may be also disabled by turn off the checkboxes "Get geolocation and data center information" and "Enable showing my external IP" in the main options. However, you can get the information for current IP by click in menu.
From the version 3.0.0, all requests to API will only be sent via HTTPS for more protection and security. In rare cases, if the SSL-connection breaks up, repeated request to API is via HTTP. Enabled by default.

3) External DNS
DNS requests are sent to a randomly selected server from the list prescribed in the options. To detect DNS spoofing, the address is verified through an external DNS server as well.
By default, there are the fastest public servers from Google and Level3 in the list. Additionally, it is recommended to use DNS servers from OpenNIC independent of companies and governments.
If spoofing is suspected, then the additional DNS requests to and to the website's DNS server (from NS entries) are possible by using the TCP protocol. The request to API will be sent for the confirmation as well.
Protection against DNS spoofing and receiving DNS entries are enabled by default, but they can be disabled in the options. All requests are sent unencrypted because of the nature of the DNS protocol.

4) Socks proxy
If your option "socks_remote_dns" is enabled, all requests to GeoAPI and to the internal and external DNS servers are disabled.
Protection against spoofing will be disconnected as well. The only enabled options are receiving your own information and reverse DNS.
This is done for your security to prevent leakage of your browsing via DNS requests.
It is also possible to enable a local resolver in the options, but in this case all DNS requests will be unencrypted.
To get the geo-information is also possible manually using the corresponding option in the menu. This occurs over a secure SSL connection. But the DNS servers stay still disabled. Accuracy of IP address obtained in this way cannot be guaranteed due to the settings of DNS-resolver of your proxy. The HTTPS method is not always correct because of the geolocation character of some DNS entries.

5) WIP-Rank
WIP-Rank is a rating of hosting companies/datacenters.
It is based on data such as network infrastructure, availability, attendance, and on many other factors, that allow the most objective assessment of hosting companies and their servers.
Partially, the rating is created on the basis of the site visits, located on company servers.
If you would like to participate in the formation of the rating, just enable the "WIP-Rank".
We don't collect any personal information! But only calculate non-personalized the websites visits. By default disabled.

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