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I use LoC and CatNyp dbs all the time - from *Bookmarks* With so MANY here, put this in your search list for Magic Powers things cropping up, I have to ask the simple question: Why not go direct and leave out the Man in the Middle - who may be a Nice Guy, and probably is. BUT I get the same powers bookmarking catnyp.org and loc.gov without cluttering up my search engine base - WE GOT %##^$#)* when Yahoo, Google, MS, and others offered FREE MAILING LISTS - Killed Usenet (well them and the RIAA and MPAA et.al.) but I'd hate to see the Bookmark go the same way.
Author has picked THREE of the BEST dbs in US, but I have to ask, with full guns blazing paranoia, why?
Here comes a Candle to Light you to Bed...
If ya don't know where that one comes from, look it up in reference to Geo. Orwell. And look up the part of Gulliver's Travels that never made the movies, find out what a real Yahoo is. Database ratings 5 stars+, but

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