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I had a few email visits with developer re 2.05/8. I had no notion that 3.02 would result. Much appreciation.
3.02 offers major features and granularity upgrade.
Luv to know where the DNS IP 198 strings comes from. 198 not listed at NortonDNS.
Luv to know what's meant by Response: "unknown hosts".
Luv to know where Response: IP's come from. They're not listed at NortonDNS.
Luv Settings. Luv Apply.
Luv that FWS Icon rides in address bar. Rides next to Flagfox.

Curious: what's difference between Save Settings and Copy Settings to Clipboard. Notepad content looks the same.
Maybe, Export and Import Settings vs Save and Load Settings.
Note: SkyDNS alerts on: s3blog.org
Great presentation and info: http://www.s3blog.org/fox-web-security/secure-dns.html
I've added NortonDNS Policy 1 to defaults. ;-)
Update: Turned off Yandex and Comodo. Running NortonDNS Policy 1 + OpenDNS

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