URL Fixer 4.1.2

Privacy Policy

By default, URL Fixer does not collect any data about you or the webpages you visit. However, if you opt in and allow URL Fixer to begin collecting data to improve its correcting ability, URL Fixer will save the domain names that you type in the URL bar. (i.e., if you type "http://www.google.com/test?a=1", URL Fixer will only save "www.google.com.")

URL Fixer then sends this data to a central location where it is combined with the data from all other URL Fixer users, leaving no way to determine which user typed a specific domain. This data is then used to generate statistics on which typos occur most often and how URL Fixer could correct them most efficiently. Your participation improves the browsing experience for you and more than 100,000 other URL Fixer users!

URL Fixer does not save or send any data in Private Browsing mode.

You can change your opt-in settings at any time from URL Fixer's preferences window. If you have any questions at all, contact me at info@urlfixer.org.

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