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I like the concept and most of the functioning of RefControl. I've been using it with several versions of Firefox (from 3.0.xx thru 3.6.xx to 10.0.xESR) in Windows XP.

Lately I have noticed that it seems to be involved in causing Disqus comments to fail to display. At least in FF 10.0.x.
I tested with turning off all (5 of my) FF addon extensions and then enabling individually and it comes down to RefControl (0.8.16) which prevents the Disqus comments from being displayed. All I see on (FileHippo for example) is the Disqus activity throbber pulsing. But no comments.
Disabling RefControl allows Disqus comments to be displayed.
I experimented with adding the related sites (filehippo, disqus) to RefControl whitelist - setting them to 'Normal', but that did not help.

Would love if you could find a patch that allows Disqus to work.
In meanwhile, I try to remember to just click on the Refcontrol mini-icon to disable (= red ex-out) when I need Disqus comments, then I click it again to re-enable after done with Disqus. Nice that such off/on is easy. :)

P.S.: Win XP Pro SP3, FF 10.0.6esr, RefControl 0.8.16, Java 6.33, Flash 11.3.300.265, 2GB RAM.

Thank you.

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