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I love this add-on.. but please, could you add an TIMER for SWITCHING between PROXIES? example: i import 20 proxies, i want them to automatically change every 5 min, or 20 min, or whatever. I already see that you can switch it when you open new tab, but as i said, i want them to switch automaticaly, proxy1, proxy2 at INTERVAL of how many minutes, hours we want. Thanks, hope to see this in the next update. Excellent add-on, gratz.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.15). 

Thanks for the positive feedback about the proxy tool FF Plugin.Shift+S will allow you to switch the proxies easily.As for the interval timer, I'm trying to understand on how to deal with the proxy switching based on timer. Let's say..if the Shift+T is added with timer configured in Settings, it will run the interval timer that will change the proxies, along with http referrer, user agents and cleared cookies (based on settings). The only problem is...what about the web site itself, which needs to be opened manually. Please let me know of my concerns. We just want to ensure that the proxy tool is fast and easy to use for everyone.