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Hi Folks

My Mailing lists in Thunderbird was not created initially in alphabetical order but I can sort them that way and see my lists accordingly

I get an email that I want to forward on to a mailing list and regularly have to remove the senders address from my forwarding list so they don't get it back

When I open the mailing list using your addon PopMailListRecipents in Thunderbird, they are listed in the sequence they were originally created out of alphabetical order. I then have to search this the opened listing add hock and look for the one I am trying to delete

Is it possible to have the listing alphabetically when opened??


This review is for a previous version of the add-on (0.2). 

I just walked around and found this:

But indeed, it seems easier to have it in a one-click-solution.
As this simple trick here is done by 1 line of code, I think about enhancing the SortRecipients add-on by the ability to populate lists before sorting...