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After using this add-on for a while, the system icon used for bookmarks is suddenly replaced by the default gnome icon, even though no changes have been made to the system's theme. The add-on just does not show the system icon anymore. Only a removal and reinstall (drawing the downloaded xpi to the browser solves the issue for a short while.

UPDATE: Ok, your suggestion works. When searching for GNOMErunner two versions pop up, one of which is depricated, plus an options add-on. It is somewhat confusing, so I suggest the old one be removed.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (0.4.0). 

And the options are now are a separate addon. The reason for the latter is the new addons.mozilla.org signing policy, which does not allow me to bundle the options addon anymore, unless it is signed.
Download the GNOMErunner Options, and switch to Freedesktop naming there, and it will be same as before.

I suppose I might enable Freedesktop icons here by default... I think I'll push update now, but that won't change the fact it is deprecated.

UPDATE: I see your reply. Well, the old version is going to be removed. It's just that if I remove it now, all its ≈1500 users will be left without updates, so I want people to migrate to "regular" GNOMErunner first. It was my mistake to make GTK naming default on both themes though, sorry for that. It's that the splitting of the Options addon was a last-second change to please AMO, so I planned to ship themes with the addon as before.

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SeaMonkey now looks like a native! Very good extension =)

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (0.3.2).