Debian-KDE 20120310

Privacy Policy

This search plug-in captures no information about the user.
This plug-in uses Google to search the Debian-kde mailing lists.
Please refer to Debian's privacy policy and Google's privacy policy for more information.
NOTES: Google's privacy policy has changed as of March 1, 2012. Essentially they collect no more information than previously. Please read the policy and draw your own conclusions.
I recommend Firefox/Iceweasel Privacy Mode, AdBlock Plus, FlashBlock and NoScript.
Privacy Policy for Previous version/s
The *previous* version of this add-on pulled it's icon from my server. It was alleged that the add-on should therefore not be trusted. The icon was only downloaded for the add-on install - there was no tracking. If you have concerns please upgrade to this version. The icon is now embedded in the add-on, and the source code is simple to read, and available at the bottom of this page.

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