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Version 0.2.3pre 94.5 KiB Works with Firefox 20.0 - 56.*, SeaMonkey 2.17 - 2.58a1

[x] Added trick to drag private tab to another window (with disabled multi-process mode, thanks to Dumby) (#242).
[+] Added Dutch locale (nl), thanks to TonnesM (#268).
[+] Added Bulgarian locale (bg), thanks to Peyu Yovev (#270, #271, #272).
[+] Updated Arabic (ar) locale, thanks to tahani5.
[*] Better appearance of button after last tab in Firefox 57+ (for extensions.legacy.enabled = true, also introduced extensions.privateTab.fixAfterTabsButtonsAccessibility.force preference).
[*] Compatibility enhancements for Basilisk.
[x] Fixed generator function usage in Firefox 58+ (bug 1083482).
[x] Fixed string preferences in Firefox 58+ (bug 1414096).
[x] Fixed private protocol in Firefox 58+ (strange things with __defineGetter__(), nsIURI.spec is now read-only) (bug 1431204).
[x] Fixed inIDOMUtils usage in Firefox 59+, now used window.InspectorUtils (bug 1427419).
[x] Correctly handle first browser window in Firefox 60+ (browser.startup.blankWindow = true, thanks to Dumby) (bug 1336227).
[x] Fixed hotkeys hotkeys in Firefox 60+, added replacement for removed nsIDOMKeyEvent bug 1436508.
[x] Fixed accessing to DownloadsCommon.jsm internals in Firefox 57+.

Version 0.2.2 90.1 KiB Works with Firefox 20.0 - 56.*, SeaMonkey 2.17 - 2.52a1

[*] Updated and corrected `PrivateTab:PrivateChanged` API event: added ability to track toggling using tab duplication in Firefox 51+ (#244).
[*] Toggle private state using tab duplication: try restore text in URL bar (#237).
[x] Fixed private protocol in Firefox 37-43 (caused by `nsIIOService.newChannelFromURIWithLoadInfo(…, null)` failure) (#247).
[*] Updated Indonesian (id) locale, thanks to Muhammad Anwari Ramadhan.
[x] Fixed ability to open new private tab in Firefox 54+ (with browser.newtab.preload = true) (#252).
[+] Added privateTab.replaceTabAndTogglePrivate() API.
[x] Fixed ability to open private:… URI in already opened tab (will be used workaround with tab duplication) (#251).

Version 88.8 KiB Works with Firefox 20.0 - 54.*, SeaMonkey 2.17 - 2.51a1

[x] Correctly toggle private state of unloaded (pending) tabs in Firefox 51+ (#237).
[x] Don't toggle private state of not yet initialized tabs in Firefox 51+ to not break tab's contents: wait for loading and forbid too often toggle state calls (#237).
[x] Correctly remove wrappers for functions from another extensions like `window.TabScope._updateTitle()` in Firefox 45+ (now sandboxed, will used trick to get actual `window` object to store internal data).
[x] Correctly toggle private state with disabled multi-process mode in Firefox 51+ (#237, #241).
[x] Correctly toggle private state of pinned tabs in Firefox 51+ (now pinned state will be restored) (#237).

Version 88.1 KiB Works with Firefox 20.0 - 53.0a1, SeaMonkey 2.17 - 2.50a1

[x] Correctly update window title and style, if toggled private state of selected non-remote tab (restored non-remote private tab) in Firefox 51+ (#237, #239).
[x] Don't save closed private tabs in undo close history after extension disabling (extensions.privateTab.rememberOwnerTab = true).
[x] Correctly toggle private state of already opened tabs in Firefox 51+: now used more robust way to wait for asynchronous tab duplication (#237).
[x] Correctly make tabs non-private after extension disabling in Firefox 51+.
[x] Fixed: fail to startup on new profile (ReferenceError: _log is not defined) (#240).

Version 0.2.1 87.7 KiB Works with Firefox 20.0 - 53.0a1, SeaMonkey 2.17 - 2.50a1

[*] Slightly improved startup performance in multi-process mode: frame script will be loaded after small delay.
[x] Correctly restore wrapper for `browser.swapDocShells()` to handle detached tabs in multi-process mode.
[*] Improved performance in multi-process mode (#234).
[*] Open all bookmarks: improved compatibility with other extensions like Tree Style Tab (extensions.privateTab.openPlacesInPrivateTabs.callNativeMenuItems preference).
[*] Improved memory usage in multi-process mode: now used shared content.jsm module for frame scripts (#235).
[+] Added privateTab.isTabPrivateAsync() API.
[x] Fixed compatibility with future Firefox versions: don't use Array generics like `Array.forEach()` (bug 1222547).
[x] Correctly open new private tab with preloaded about:newtab in Firefox 52+ (thanks to Dumby).
[x] Fixed ability to toggle tab private state in Firefox 51+, now will be used duplicated tab (#237).
[x] Fixed patcher around third-party wrappers (TypeError: Array is undefined) (thanks to Dumby).
[x] Fixed compatibility with future Firefox versions: don't use deprecated `Date.prototype.toLocaleFormat()` (bug 818634).
[+] Added privateTab.duplicateTabAndTogglePrivate() API.
[x] Workaround to ignore wrong `last-pb-context-exited` notification in multi-process mode (bug 1329912).
[x] Fixed ability to restore closed private tabs in multi-process mode (extensions.privateTab.rememberClosedPrivateTabs preference) (#239).

Version 0.2.0 85.5 KiB Works with Firefox 20.0 - 51.*, SeaMonkey 2.17 - 2.48a1

[x] Compatibility fixes for multi-process mode (Electrolysis aka e10s) around “unsafe CPOW usage” (#208).
[*] Updated Portuguese (Portugal) locale (pt-PT), thanks to SW1FT (#210).
[x] Fixed private protocol in multi-process mode (#211).
[x] Some tweaks and fixes for multi-process mode (#162).
[*] Now used only one frame script for communications in multi-process mode (#213).
[x] Fixed possible recursion in wrapper for `tab.setAttribute("image", …)` (#214).
[x] Fixed compatibility with Firefox 51+ (SyntaxError: non-generator method definitions may not contain yield) (#228).
[x] Fixed detection of duplicated tabs as non-empty (#230).
[x] Correctly detect tab closing in Firefox 47+ (due to changes in `detail` property of `TabClose` event).
[x] Fixed missing tab favicons in multi-process mode (#224).
[+] Added Finnish locale (fi), thanks to hellojole (#226).
[*] Small internal enhancements and fixes.

Version 74.4 KiB Works with Firefox 20.0 - 47.0a1, SeaMonkey 2.17 - 2.43

[x] Fixed syntax error in Firefox 46.0a1+ around generator comprehension (#203).
[x] Correctly handle view source tabs (#204).
[x] Respect preference for image documents.
[x] Links loaded in new private tab becomes non-private (multi-process mode: Electrolysis aka e10s) (#202).
[x] Correctly update window title and private mode indication in multi-process mode.
[*] Updated French locale (fr), thanks to Charles Milette (#207).

Version 0.1.9 73.9 KiB Works with Firefox 20.0 - 46.0a1, SeaMonkey 2.17 - 2.42

[*] Use new API to get URL of new tab in Firefox 44+ (see bug 1204983).
[x] Correctly handle drag and drop of tabs between private and non-private windows in Firefox 44+.
[+] Added support for user interface for tracking protection in Firefox 42+ (#196).
[x] Fixed: extensions.privateTab.rememberClosedPrivateTabs may break undo close tab feature in some cases (#197).
[+] Added Portuguese (Portugal) locale (pt-PT), thanks to SW1FT (#199).

Version 72.4 KiB Works with Firefox 20.0 - 44.0a1, SeaMonkey 2.17 - 2.41a1

[x] Fixed support for private downloads in download panel in Firefox 42+ (#186).
[x] Fixed: extensions.privateTab.rememberClosedPrivateTabs may not work in some cases (see #146).

Version 0.1.8 72.0 KiB Works with Firefox 20.0 - 43.0a1, SeaMonkey 2.17 - 2.39

[x] Fixed compatibility with future Firefox versions (bug 1090880, #178).
[x] Fixed icons of buttons after last tab in Firefox 40+ (#180).
[x] Use correct URL to open private tab from Windows task bar in Firefox 42+ (see bug 1118285).
[x] Some compatibility fixes for multi-process mode (Electrolysis aka e10s) (#162).
[x] Fixed detection of externally opened tabs in Firefox 38+ (#184).

Version 71.1 KiB Works with Firefox 20.0 - 41.0a1, SeaMonkey 2.17 - 2.38a1

[x] Correctly reinitialize download panel after switch between private and non-private tabs in Firefox 38+ (#176).

Version 71.1 KiB Works with Firefox 20.0 - 40.0a1, SeaMonkey 2.17 - 2.37a1

[x] Fixed ability to remember closed private tabs in Firefox 29+ (extensions.privateTab.rememberClosedPrivateTabs preference) (#146).
[+] Added highlighting for closed private tabs inside “Recently Closed Tabs” menu (#154).
[*] Now “Private Tab” checkbox (in tab context menu) works better for loading tabs (extensions.privateTab.toggleTabPrivateAutoReload.stopLoading preference).
[x] Fixed size of “New Private Tab” button after last tab, if there is many tabs and button was hidden at startup.
[x] Fixed compatibility with Firefox 38+ (#165).
[+] Added privateTab.hasClosedTabs and privateTab.forgetClosedTabs() API for other extensions.

Version 68.8 KiB Works with Firefox 20.0 - 38.*, SeaMonkey 2.17 - 2.31a1

[x] Correctly restore closed non-private tabs in private windows.
[*] Improved favicons support in private:… bookmarks (#147).
[*] Updated Vietnamese locale (vi), thanks to Leof36.
[x] Fixed “private” protocol in Firefox 20 and 21 (#150).
[*] Enlarged extension icon for Add-on Manager: now used 48×48px instead of 32×32px.
[x] Fixed detection of emty tabs in Firefox 33+ (non-empty tabs was wrongly detected as empty and becomes non-private) (#152).

Version 67.6 KiB Works with Firefox 20.0 - 32.0a1, SeaMonkey 2.17 - 2.29a1

[*] Added ability to use simple links like, `http://` prefix will be added automatically to all links without protocol.
[x] Corrected label for “New Private Tab” button in Russian and French locales in Firefox 29+ (Australis): now used short variant due to small available length in new menu (#141).
[x] Corrected previous fix for appearance of hovered “New Private Tab” button after last tab in Firefox 29+ (Australis) (#138).
[+] Added Turkish locale (tr), thanks to alfapegasi.
[x] Correctly detect Super Start 7.0+ page as blank (#142).
[+] Added privateTab.tabLabelIsEmpty() API for other extensions (#143).
[x] Fixed: closed private tabs are wrongly cleared in private windows (#145).

Version 64.9 KiB Works with Firefox 20.0 - 31.0a1, SeaMonkey 2.17 - 2.28a1

[+] Display hotkey in toolbar button's tooltip in Firefox 29+ (Australis) (#136).
[x] Workaround to correctly update title bar in Firefox 29+ (Australis), also see bug 987929 (you can set browser.tabs.drawInTitlebar = false or extensions.privateTab.usePrivateWindowStyle = false as alternative and better workaround).
[x] Fixed width of clickable area for “New Private Tab” button after last tab in Firefox 29+ (Australis) (#137).
[x] Corrected appearance for “New Private Tab” button after last tab in Firefox 29+ (Australis) (#138).
[*] Improved “private” protocol: now works simple private: links, not only private:///#

Version 61.2 KiB Works with Firefox 20.0 - 30.0a1, SeaMonkey 2.17 - 2.27a1

[+] Added ability to remove private tabs from undo close history only after private browsing ends (#112)
[+] Added highlighting of private tabs in “List all tabs” menu (#113)
[x] Correctly ignore single char hotkeys (like just `V` or `Shift+V`) in WYSIWYG editors
[x] Correctly detect built-in private windows in SeaMonkey (#116)
[x] Correctly update download panel in Firefox 28.0a1+
[x] Correctly insert button into toolbar in Firefox 29+ (Australis) (#121)
[+] Added preferences to open user-defined URL in new empty private tabs (extensions.privateTab.newPrivateTabURL and extensions.privateTab.newPrivateTabURL.inPrivateWindow) (#125)
[+] Added ability to disable private window-like styles, if current tab is private (extensions.privateTab.usePrivateWindowStyle preference)
[+] Simplified ability to override private tabs/bookmarks styles from other themes/extensions (disabled by default, see extensions.privateTab.stylesHighPriority* preferences) (#127)
[+] Added 32×32px icon for Australis (used in menu panel and in customization area) (#128)
[x] Correctly don't save search bar history from private tabs (#129)
[*] Minor code improvements
[*] Updated Polish locale (pl), thanks to marcinsu
[*] Updated Hungarian locale (hu), thanks to evenorbert

Version 55.7 KiB Works with Firefox 20.0 - 28.0a1, SeaMonkey 2.17 - 2.25a1

* Improved compatibility with Tab Mix Plus (many thanks to onemen for fixes from Tab Mix Plus side) (#95, #96)
+ Added “new private tab” item to task bar context menu (only Windows 7 and higher, extensions.privateTab.showItemInTaskBarJumpList preference) (#98)
+ Added context menu item to open multiple bookmarks/history items in private tabs (#99)
* Changed default hotkey for toggle private state of current tab from Ctrl+Alt+V to Ctr+Alt+T (set extensions.privateTab.key.toggleTabPrivate = “control alt VK_V” to restore old hotkey) (#105)
+ Added ability to inherit private state for new empty tabs and windows (set extensions.privateTab.makeNewEmptyTabsPrivate/extensions.privateTab.makeNewEmptyWindowsPrivate to -1) (#111)

Version 49.2 KiB Works with Firefox 20.0a1 - 26.0a1, SeaMonkey 2.17a1 - 2.23a1

0.1.5 (2013-08-24)
* Added ability to show buttons "New Private Tab" and "New Tab" after last tab (#92)
x Fixed: tabs, opened from another extensions, may be wrongly detected as externally opened (#93)
x Fixed: malformed private-protocol URLs reliably crash the browser (#94)

0.1.4 (2013-08-19)
x Fixed empty tabs tooltips on Firefox 25.0a1+ (#75)
+ Added ability to view source of private tabs (#74)
x Corrected "(private tab)" label in Tab Scope's popup (#78)
+ Added Indonesian (id) locale, thanks to Daisuke Bjm Project
+ Added Ukrainian (uk) locale, thanks to dbv92
+ Added Arabic (ar) locale, thanks to infinity
* Improved compatibility with extensions like Fast Dial (#84)
x Fixed incompatibility with Tile Tabs 10.0 (#83)
x Corrected for changes in Mozilla bug #885177 (#85)
* Preserve text in URL Bar after auto reloading (#86)
* Improved behavior after closing of private tabs (extensions.privateTab.rememberOwnerTab preference) (#87)
+ Implemented "private" protocol: now we can use special URLs to open private tabs from bookmarks or from command line (example: private:///#, may be disabled using extensions.privateTab.enablePrivateProtocol preference) (#89)
+ Added ability to show "New Private Tab" button after "New Tab" button (#90)
* Added ability to invert auto reload behavior (extensions.privateTab.toggleTabPrivateAutoReload preference) using middle-click (or left-click with any modifier)

Version 42.5 KiB Works with Firefox 20.0a1 - 24.0a1, SeaMonkey 2.17a1 - 2.21a1

+ Added ability to prevent private session from ending (in case of active downloads etc.) (#53)
x Fixed possible memory leak (only if someone use privateTab.readyToOpenTabs() without following privateTab.stopToOpenTabs())
x Fixed: small images from private tabs (displayed with favicons) are cached to disk (#56)
x Disabled thumbnails capturing from private tabs (#58)
+ Added extensions.privateTab.debug.verbose preference to log some additional debug information into Error Console
x Fixed conflict with NoSquint extension (#61)
* Small performance improvements
* Improved localizability of confirmation dialog in case of extension disabling or uninstalling
+ Added locales:
     Catalan (ca), thanks to Dimas-sc
     Hungarian (hu), thanks to evenorbert
     Italian (it), thanks to moretti
     Portuguese (Brazilian) (pt-BR), thanks to Ghelman
     Serbian (sr), thanks to DakSrbija
     Spanish (es), thanks to strel
* Updated locales:
     Chinese (Simplified) (zh-CN), thanks to Cye3s
     Chinese (Traditional) (zh-TW), thanks to ikurrina
     Estonian (et), thanks to mdr-ksk
     French (fr) from (yes, not complete)
     German (de), thanks to sierkb
     Greek (el), thanks to Grg68
     Japanese (jp), thanks to charishi
     Polish (pl), thanks to marcinsu

Version 36.0 KiB Works with Firefox 20.0a1 - 23.0a1, SeaMonkey 2.17a1 - 2.20a1

+ Added Polish locale (pl), thanks to marcinsu
* Corrected: don't inherit private state for new tabs and new windows, opened from external application (extensions.privateTab.allowOpenExternalLinksInPrivateTabs preference) (#42)
x Correctly detect new windows from JavaScript's with size parameters as not empty
x Correct appearance for selected private on Mac OS X (#44)
x Fixed: remove wrappers when window is closed to avoid memory leaks (#45, #46)
+ Added Estonian locale (et), thanks to mdr.ksk
x Fixed: hotkey isn't shown in File menu on Mac OS X #47
+ Added extensions.privateTab.keysHighPriority preference to handle key* event in the capturing (true) or bubbling (false) phase, see
* Corrected Chinese (Traditional) locale (zh-TW), thanks to ikurrina
+ Added ability to close all private tabs after extension will be disabled or uninstalled (#51)

Version 31.9 KiB Works with Firefox 20.0a1 - 23.0a1, SeaMonkey 2.17a1 - 2.20a1

+ Added French locale (fr), thanks to Stis
+ Added Chinese (Simplified) locale (zh-CN), thanks to Cye3s
x Fixed memory leak on extension disabling (due to not deleted window.privateTab) (#33)
+ Added Vietnamese locale (vi), thanks to Leof36
+ Added German locale (de), thanks to sierkb
* Improved compatibility with extensions like Personal Menu (#35)
+ Detect Super Start page as blank
* Improved: now private tabs aren't saved in sessions (#36)
* Improved: show downloads from private tabs in not private window (#31)
* Better tooltip for private tabs on themes with dark tooltip background (#38)
+ Added Greek locale (el), thanks to Grg68

Version 26.9 KiB Works with Firefox 20.0a1 - 23.0a1, SeaMonkey 2.17a1 - 2.20a1

* Will be used built-in title modifier in latest SeaMonkey 2.19a1+ (2013-03-27+)
* Correctly detect built-in private windows in latest SeaMonkey 2.19a1+ (2013-03-27+)
x Correctly restore window title in SeaMonkey on extension disabling
+ Added ability to open all new blank/empty tabs in private mode (experimental, preferences: extensions.privateTab.makeNewEmptyTabsPrivate, extensions.privateTab.makeNewEmptyWindowsPrivate) (#10)
+ Added Chinese (Traditional) locale (zh-TW), thanks to arbiger
+ Added Japanese locale (ja), thanks to charishi
x Workaround for browser.newtab.preload = true (#16)
x Correctly fix App button width: wait for third-party styles (#17)
x Fixed: toggle tab private hotkey works for wrong tab sometimes (#18)
* Allow setup multiple hotkeys for one command: extensions.privateTab.key.%command%#%alias_name% (#19)
x Fixed (hopefully): hotkeys doesn't work on non-Latin keyboard layouts (#19)
* Minor optimizations