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I installed it and after that, a new tab opened telling me to select a searchengine for the url bar. but my selection from the dropdown (duckduck I chosed) did not work.
So I opened the prefs for the addon and now I see 4 different settings with NO explanation what they do, how they work or how the user can activate them. Ok, I know about the urlbar, but the others I can't imagine what they are for and how I can start them. I'd love to had some (shortish) instructions on how to use the about:home search engine, or the new tab search engine, but I have no clue.
URL bar search works as expected and proposed.
Thank you.

EDIT: now, with a little more explanation from the dev, my understanding is better, how usefull this addon really is.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on ( 

Thanks for the suggestion. I'll add some help text and look into your bug.

Firefox provides search entry points in five different places:

The URL bar (keyword search),
The search bar
The new tab page
The home page (about:home)
When you highlight text on a web page and right click.

By default, Firefox uses the same search engine for all of these places.

The additional items in Keyword Search allow you to specify unique search engines for each place.