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Thanks for the reply! I understood that it might take a few days!
However, the owl subscription will be expired in coming3-4 days, will it get it through?

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The OWL is nearly perfect add-on for Thunderbird email client app. Moreover, there is not any other comparable alternative functional on Linux. So, thanks for OWL!!!

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Have used this for years. It gives access for my wife for her work email from home, using Ubuntu and Thunderbird.

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I just want send a huge THANK YOU for Owl. My organization's 365 tenant is so locked down that it's virtually unusable if you're not using a domain joined system. Owl solves a whole bunch of problems and it's honestly way faster than "New Outlook". Thank you!

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I works, but has a few bugs:

1) The "readed" status doesn´t get updated until you switch to another folder and come back;

2) The folder structure looks like being recreated everytime we start Thunderbird. So, if we save a search as seach folder, we Thunderbird is restarted, the search forlder is gone.

If you only want to read your emails, it works.

And theres no support.

Owl is indeed primarily made to read and write email, for people who cannot access their mail otherwise (not counting web mail).

Saved searches indeed are not supported. There are a number of other Thunderbird and Office365 features that we do not support. We decided early on that it's not feasible to support 100% of all Thunderbird *and* Office365 features. Please rate us based on what features we advertize and promise.

We do have a support team and support email address. However, they work on a best-effort basis. If you ask for very deep technical questions, they may not be able to help. The same is true when you call any big company.

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2023 年 10 月 12 日のv1.2.3 アップデートにより、Thunderbird 115.3.2 の問題を修正されました。

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As long as the authentication with your email server works, everything else works as advertised and very well. But auth can be tricky and sometimes breaks, so I'm deducting one star.

For anyone who has struggled with getting OWL to work with their Outlook.com e-mail: if your Microsoft account has 2FA enabled, you must create an "app password" (via https://account.live.com/) for OWL to use for authentication, rather than using your actual account password. Apparently, OWL does not play well with the 2FA process.

I've already answered you in your previous rating.

FWIW, Owl supports 2FA for Office365 out of the box, without "app passwords".

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Came back to upgrade my review to 5 stars. After the Thunderbird stuff-up my Office account eventually reappeared but Sent emails were disappearing. Emailed a query to the developer who replied within hours to look in Account settings>Folders and Copies. (I had wrongly been looking for a fix in Sent Items>Properties). Sure enough, sent items were getting stored in the native Thunderbird 'Local Folders' sent folder. Redirected that to my Office sent folder and all is good again.

I'm happy that your problem is fixed!

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Excellent support — as usual!

The breakage caused by changes in TB v115.3.2 was quickly fixed by Owl v1.2.3, and I received a timely response to the support e-mail I sent to Beonex.

For a few horrible minutes, I thought I was going to have to start using Windows or the Outlook Web UI. When I saw that others had the same problem with 115.3.2, I was confident that it was TB's fault and Owl devs would quickly find a fix for it. They did.

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Fantastic addon, quick to fix any issues. v1.2.3 fixes problem with thunderbird 115.3.2

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Thanks for the 12 Oct 2023 update that removed the account...

Just needed to force a "check for updates"

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Thank you for the quick fix. It's great that the problem was quickly identified and resolved, but when I had no clue what the issue was I went to your website and there was no information at all that there was an issue. It would have helped if you had something on your home page that said something like "There's currently a problem with the latest Thunderbird update. We're working on it and will let you know here when it's fixed, but in the meantime, rollback to the previous version of TB to restore your accounts." That would have saved a LOT of frustration.

Sorry for your frustration. Due to multiple circumstances which could be attributed to Murphy's Law, we were unable to do what you suggested.

For next time: If the accounts simply disappear entirely, it's almost always an incompatibility between Thunderbird and Owl versions. (We could make a support article stating that, that's a good idea. So far, this has been a rare occasion.) We never deliberately hide the accounts, even if your license expires or in error situations that we can control. It's always a bug, and you can assume that we're on it. We're very much interested in fixing it ASAP.

I'm glad that the fix works for you. Again sorry for the confusion and troubles.

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great extension and great work! greetings from Argentina

By the way thank you for the quick update! "account disappeared" problem fixed !

Thanks so much for the positive feedback, that the issue is fixed for you now. I'm happy about that.

Greetings to Argentina

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Fixed the issue! Great add-in 11/10 would buy again.

Thanks so much for the positive feedback. I'm happy about that.

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Work as expected, and even when there are breaking changes in TB you're fast in fixing it.
Thanks !

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Where is this file located on the Mac?

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depuis ce jour Mon compte a disparu , impossible de récupérer l'ensemble de mes dossiers et mes mails

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Downloaded new owl.xpi. Add-on manager in Thunderbird tells me install date is today, but version nr is still 1.2.2, so not 1.2.3.
This version does not work for me. Not able to login to office365 exchange. Undefined error

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.2.2). 

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Mr Mojo's fix worked for me, back on and working now.

I love this program, aside from the one borked update it has been amazing, and I found the fix on here in about 2 minutes. Love Owl!

Borrowing this from MaxBurn's review in case it gets buried:

Thanks for others posting and if you need extra navigation help;
Open owl@beonex.com.xpi with 7-Zip.
Inside 7-Zip open; webapi\webaccount\
Edit; webaccount.js
Very bottom of file, 20 lines from bottom, correct line to; MailServices.accounts.reactivateAccounts();

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.2.2). 

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@mrmojo @educ - where do find the file webapi/webaccount/webaccount.js ? I searched the whole computer, but cannot find it. thanks for your help to the less tech savvy users here ;-)

Thanks for the fast fix here and the developers for the fast new release in the making.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.2.2).