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Addon no longer needed as functionality to reorder attachments is now built in to Thunderbird 60.

TB 60, Method #1: In Compose window, use drag-and-drop on Attachments pane.

TB 60, Method #2: In Compose window, right click on Attachments pane, select "Reorder Attachments", use popup menu buttons.


For TB 52 and prior, OrderAtt was one of the most useful addons I've ever used. Most deserving congratulations to the addon author for creating something so indispensable the Thunderbird team saw fit to make it core functionality!

Hello DS,

Many thanks for your feedback.
You are right, my extension is now fully integrated in TB. Great!
I don't know if I have something to do with that, but I'm happy to have helped the TB community somewhere!

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With the most recent early & beta versions of Thunderbird (51.0 / October 2016) I've noticed that OrderAtt doesn't seem to work anymore. This is one of my most used & favorite plugins. Actually, if I right-click on attachment I can select Up/Down/Alphabetical ... but the drag & drop doesn't work. :(


I am sorry that you have this problem.
I am still with 45.4.0 and it works well.
I am very very busy at the moment and cannot work on it right now.
I will try to take time when 51 release will be available stable.

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This Add-On is an essential part of Thunderbird.
Ever tried to choose eg. some photos that end up being sent out of sequence. Wouldn't it be nice to send photos to nan that shows the kids party in sequence rather than starting with cutting the cake !

OrderAtt does it quick and simply.

How to improve it ? I would like to see a default sort order automatically sort any attachments placed. Then I'll give it 6 stars.

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Thanks for your review.
Alphabetical ordering is already implemented since a long time.
Right click on an attachment and go to order -> alphabetical

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Version 1.4 works with TB 8 now! Outstanding! Thanks.

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Version 1.1 (available at "View all versions") adds alphabetical order in contextual menu.

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