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OK so I just had a eureka moment:
Deleting all the cookies in thunderbird cleared the sign in page for me and i was able to sign into the other account.
great extension, thanks.
5 stars if the behaviour of clicking on links is made more predictable.
sometimes it opens a new tab in thunderbird (which is blank), other times it opens a tab in my browser (firefox), sometimes it loads in the current g+ tab.
Lubuntu 12.04, 64-bit, BTW.

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This is the message (german) I get:

"Ihr Browser wird nicht mehr unterstützt.

Ihr Browser wird von Google+ nicht mehr unterstützt. Bitte aktualisieren Sie Ihren Browser. Weitere Informationen"

This means that the browser (Thunderbird 17 inline Browser) is not supported anymore.

Please fix this Add-On for Thunderbird 17


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It is not compatible with Firefox 17.0.1
Please update would be great.


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Ignore all the old blank screen/non-working comments. This works perfectly well for me in Thunderbird 15.0.1

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nice idea. like having all my communication in one window. but since update to thunderbird 10.0.2 opening a google+ tab shows a blank page.

this is the same with using the webapp tabs 2.0 add-on so i suspect it is a problem at the google+ with regards to rendering in thunderbird (same issue with thunderbrowse 3.8 installed) and not an issue with the add-on developers.

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Unfortunately this does not work. It gives a blank screen on both thunderbird 7 and 8 (under linux)

Lieder es funkioniert nicht. Aber es ist ein gutes idea.

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Funktioniert einwandfrei, kann Caron NICHT bestätigen.
Getestet mit aktuellem 7.0x Thunderbird

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funktioniert nicht! Thunderbird 2 wird fälschlicherweise erkannt ( 7 ist installiert)
8 wird gefordert, ist aber über den Download nicht zu bekommen