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Beautiful Extension

I Use Gina Trapiani of Lifehacker.com's idea of very few folders, and just search or sort for when you need to find something.

This has been a killer concept in practice. Thunderbird search is so effective I find whatever I want faster this way than trying to remember what folder it's in.

Other than my Inbox, I use:


Note: The "tildes" (~) are just to keep everything in the same order I keep my desktop trays, My Documents organisation, and even my Firefox bookmarks.

With the *fantastic Archive This*, I set my own personal keywords for several folders, and then I can bounce emails back and forth.

I just use a SINGLE letter with no "ALT" for each of my keyboard shortcuts. It makes everything lightning fast.

These are the 6 shortcuts I use:

- A = Action
- H = Hold
- V = archiVe
- D = Deleted
- I = Inbox
- E = sEnt

I chose these letters as shortcuts because some others conflict with Thunderbird's built-in email navigation shortcuts.

These don't: This will save you time and wrist strain.


Christoph Dollis

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.3.8).