Oxford Dictionaries Version History

6 versions

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Version 20160920 1.3 KiB

Oxford Dictionaries had changed their URL and how the searchTerms is used.

Version 20160915 1.3 KiB

The Oxford Dictionaries URL has changed again.

Version 20140125 1.4 KiB

Oxford Dictionaries have updated their website, rebuilding it with a very good responsive design. They have also updated their logo, which is the purpose of the upgrade to this search plugin.

Version 20130428 2.0 KiB

Correction posted in March 2013 worked better than the previous version, but was inadequate. This latest version last until OED change their search again.

Version 20130326 2.0 KiB

Oxford Dictionaries have changed their search script, necessitating a tweak to the original version of this search plugin. This new version works for me, but I wonder how long it'll be before OD change their script again.

Version 20100712 2.0 KiB