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Please fix?

Temporary fix is to toggle the about:config entry
extensions.allow-non-mpc-extensions to 'true'
This will eventually fail, though, as multiprocess advances.

The extension is also marked as "Legacy", that is, not a web-extension, thus will not survive FF 57 in November unless re-written. This is a dark tragedy.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Very good, very useful.

I would like to see also the URL of the addons.mozilla.org/..
since sometimes addons are not indexed well by AMO
and are difficult to find for a new install.

Why not no-restart?

Should you remove the other two versions that do not work?

Listing individual addon options would be good, but perhaps too much work.

All one needs after this is the list of config changes, and the interface menu "customise". But perhaps too much work.