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if you need this protection on Google only, googlePrivacy script will do the job much better.

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Hi Faktor12!!!!!!!!! Thank you for your post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I looked into the googlePrivacy script right now!!!! BeeFree does things related to the HTTP headers too, but talking only about tracking links, BeeFree gives a stronger protection than googlePrivacy and it has more filters against Google as well!!!!!! BeeFREE gives a better protection removing tracking links the googlePrivacy script doesn't even notice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Of course the googlePrivacy script is faster/lighter then BeeFree!!!!! BeeFree has an overall of 10846 lines of code!!! googlePrivacy 163!!!!!!!!! 67 times less!!!!!!!!! So, i hope it's at least 67 times faster!!!! lolol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!