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Простий, прекрасно працює!!

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Excellent addon

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So that it's compatible with Firefox 57? I would hate to lose such a useful add-on.

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As someone with photophobia, the bright white standard of the web is killer on my eyes. For sites I visit often, I can use Stylish, but this really helps with those random sites you just stop in at.

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These two switches are really helpful for old eyes. I've set up the default font and color information I want to use in preferences / content, but I can't use this combination for all websites -- unfortunately frequently button text becomes impossible to read. With these two toggles, however, I can easily switch off my preferences and use those defined by the webpage owner.

This lets me use light font on a dark background most of the time -- it's far easier on my eyes than black on bright white! This way I only have to briefly change to the page's definitions to use its buttons.

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OK, this one looks like a cool capability to have. However, upon installation both icons appeared twice in the menu. I put them on the toolbars and then they don't do anything when pushed. Also, nothing appears in the context menu either.

This is on PM 25.7 x64.

Please respond and lets see if there is a fix. I naturally will boost up the review and add some stars. Thank you!

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It definitely works, but most font sizes aren't changed (for example, the text box for writing this review has a changed-size font, but almost all the other text on the page including on the add-on download page, and my review on the "read reviews" page, isn't changed). It changes the colours for everything in Firefox and carries on for as long as you have the add-on toggled, so you can move from page to page without having to re-click it. The settings box to change the font size and colour is in your normal firefox settings page, the problem is that the colour preferences box can't scroll, so in my case the settings for "link colours" are cut off and I can't change them. Still, it works perfectly fine, I only wish you could add it to the context menu because that's much easier for me than clicking on the navbar.

EDIT: Okay, thanks for the reply! Right now I'm using another addon that changes the minimum font size using a keystroke, it works really well.

It does not change the font size, just what font is used (which might be different sized). What you might want is a button to change what is the default minimum font size. I have already added that to the next version.
I will consider adding it to context menu for the next version.

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Exactly what I was looking for. Just turn the page color on and leave it on or turn it off and leave them off using my system colors.

Easily dragged and placed on the addon bar, it changes 5 click through steps to 1.

I like it.