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The sunrise and sunset in the Philippines is not accurate! When I installed it and choosing the system time as default, it showed the sunrise as 12:58. Duh? I tried to reset it to +8:00 GMT and its the same. ; (

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.3.20110803.1-signed). 

Umm, have you set your location in Sun Cult? (It doesn't automatically know where you are)
It defaults to somewhere in Europe, which appears to be the value you're seeing.
To set the location: Right click on Suncult Icon -> Sun Cult Configuration -> Location (tab).
Then set where you live:
eg: Asia->Philippines->Manila.
This should give you a reasonable position to get sun&moon times.
You many want to manually adjust the Latitude + Longitude to exactly where you live for increased accuracy.