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I'm using your sjphone ...
does exist a version for thunderbird 3.1.2 of SjCall addon?

Rated 4 out of 5 stars

I have resolved the problem about the messagge
"to use this feature go to SJLabs and install SJPhone".
SJPhone is installed and works fine.
So I used RegMon to search something of wrong...
I have found that thunderbird (SJCall plug-in)
was reading for HKLM\SOFTWARE\SJLabs\SJvoip Project\SJphone\Path, but this is not available.
You resolve the problem adding the following reg file (modify the path if it's necessary):
"Path"="C:\\Program Files\\SJphone 1.65\\"

Restart Thunderbird and... call!

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I use SJCall with SJPhone build 1.60.
It works fine for me but it disables the ability to edit contact addresses.
When I open a contact to edit, it shows all fields blank. I need to disable SJcall, then edit the contact, then re-enable SJCall.
It would be nice if this was fixed.