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Mozilla changed the whole add-ons platform. Fine, it's their product, they can do as they please... But releasing a completely different product and pretend it's still the same is unfair, to say the least. Firefox Quantum may look somewhat the same, but the internals are very different from real/old Firefox. That said, I have to thank so very much to developers of legacy add-ons like this one, that are still supporting old Firefox, even knowing it's a lost war, because, eventually, sites will simply stop being compatible with it and everybody will be sooner or later forced to adopt the new Firefox Quantum, even if many, and I mean really lots of absolutely necessary add-ons and plug-ins are unsupported and deprecated. I don't use Firefox just for "browsing", it's my job's main tool, to produce texts, programs (yes, some people do real work with HTML+JavaScript+SVG, it's way faster than compiling in any other programming language) and so much more. Time is the most valuable commodity and add-ons like this are time savers! Thanks again!

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