Rated 2 out of 5 stars

To be true: Advertisements need to be clicked to earn money with them. So it is anything but helpful to show ads for a site, but annoying to the person who still isn't interested in being disturbed by blinking (or even worse: Flash) Banners.

I have no problem with discrete, decent advertisement and - moreover - if the advertisement is correctly placed (that means it is related to a website's content!), I often click it, since I also often search for new sites.

But advertisement because of 'sympathy' to a website - independent of the manner of advertising - for me a categorical NO GO!

So this AddOn, sorry, is in my eyes simply a waste of time - for the user as well as for the programmer - once again sorry.

Use your time to create USEFUL software - useful for everybody.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

A very good idea.

I see this as a very logical solution to the problem of useless ads in the same web as sites which genuinely do benefit from users' support. I reccommend it for anyone who likes AdBlock Plus, or even for people who currently don't use blocking software who would like to keep surfing as normal. It would be great if this addon became more popular, so that people can better support their sites while still having a pleasant browsing experience. Thank you.

I especially like the Auto Reload Mode, which allows me to browse without worrying about notifications. An option to automatically set all sites to Auto Mode on/off would have been much better, but as it is now works OK.

Needs some polish and reworking. For example, at one point when using the auto mode I found that the browser slowed down considerably for a few seconds, but I'm unsure if this is a fault common to the addon.
Highly reccommended.

Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Interesting idea.

This addon may be a middle path between being annoyed by useless ads popping and flashing, and starving independant sites that live on ads revenue by using AdBlock Plus (which is a Great addon, btw).

It may also avoid current trend in making ads local to the sites to circumvent Ad Block Plus, if sites managers see a rise in ads revenue due to this addon.

A long way to go... :o)

Only four stars because it may still need some polishing.